What Is It About Fountain Pens?
OUNTAIN PENS are at once mysterious and beautiful. While their basic engineering is simple, the things each nib can do with a person’s writing are borderline mystical—lines come alive, strokes suddenly express emotions in their degrees of darkness and thickness. . . traits that drab, workaday ballpoint pens rob from the user’s hand and rollerballs sometimes can weakly replicate.

Each fountain pen, be it a small, antique gold-fill Sheaffer’s ringtop from the 1920s or an ultra-modern model that turns head—or raises eyebrows—possesses an individual personality. I invite you to take a stroll through some of the favorites in my collection.

What’s new? This whole pen site is new!
Note: The pen images here are not life size, but they are all the right size relative to each other.
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