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Welcome to the online home of the Binder-Fluckinger clan and our menagerie. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, we offer this definition of a virtual crate:

The space where a fourth crate would go in the back of the Dogmobile if there were enough room to put a crate there.

From here you can email Richard, Barbara, Don, or Kate.

You can also explore some of our projects and interests:

The newest addition to the Virtual Crate family

Prospect Hill Publishing Services
Don and Kate’s business

Richard Binder · Fountain Pens
Richard’s pen repair and sales business as well as his own collection

Don’s fountain pen collection
An assembly of excellent writers, both vintage and modern

The World Famous Sort-of-Biennial Flamingo Party
The 2003 Party was a rousing success. The 2005 Party is coming. But not for a while!

Nawlins 2000
Our October 2000 trip to New Orleans in the Dogmobile

The Temple of Sekhmet
An homage to the cats in Richard and Barbara’s life

Starry Night
A shameless plug for a truly great Mac/Windows astronomy program; also some Spacecraft Images for Starry Night Backyard and Starry Night Pro
Reviews of the best blues recordings, curated by Don

The Monster Dogs
The true denizens of the Virtual Crate

And if you absolutely have to know more about this virtual crate business, here’s a look at the real thing.

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